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Item IDDescriptionQuantity
HUDS 1420
Connector, Oxygen TubingTubing Connector. Couples Oxygen Supply Tubing Using 5- TO 7-MM END Connectors. 50ea/PK
GERI PTX520000
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Tube Holder Trach, Neck Strap Foam ea100/ca
The Breather, Respiratory Muscle Trainer
NURS 2740
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Trach Tube Holder 10/bxTube securing device 10/bx 10bx/CA
INVC 2000799
Part: Adapter W/Tubing HumdfrBTL Each
MRCY AL002060
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Airlife Valved Tee Adapter 22mmUsed to deliver aerosolized medication to ventilator patients...30/ca
B&FM 64597
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In-Line Water & Humidity TrapSmall bore tubing, downstream installation,
easily cleaned in detergent or vinegar
bath. Thoroughly rinse and air dry.
MRCY 1220
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Tubing Swivel Connector each
DYNX 4620
Trach Tube Holder 10/BXProvides Secure Positioning AND Minimizes THE Movement OF THE Tracheostomy Tube. 10/BX
B&FM 5644-3
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Part: Filter Guide for #1303/PK
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