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Item IDDescriptionQuantity
ADCC 8450-11A-2
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Adview SPU Cuff 2 Tube Navy20/pk
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Resuable Blood Pressure Cuff Large Adultea
ADCC 845-12BXBD-2
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Cuff/Bladder 2 Tube Bariatric BurgundyFor use with Most Aneroid or Mercurial Blood Pressure Instruments
ADCC 850-6022NX
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Cuff/Bladder Large Adult NavyFor 6021 Unit
ADCC 9005-11APN-1MB
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Adult Plus Cuff for Adview II Navyea 1 Tube with Male Bayonet
ADCC 9005-11AN-1MB
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Adult Cuff for Adview II Navyea 1 Tube with Male Bayonet
ADCC 850-9000-9CGR
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Cuff/Bladder 1 Tube ChildFor Adview 9000 Green with Connector
ADCC 850-9000-11AN
Cuff/Bladder 1 Tube Adult for Old ModelFor Adview 9000 Old Model, Navy, Latex Free w/ Connector
ADCC 845-13TBK-2
Cuff/Bladder 2 Tube Thigh BlackFor Use with Most Traditional Pocket, Clock, or Mercury Style Aneroid Instruments
ADCC 850-9000-12XBD
Cuff/Bladder 1 Tube Adult Large (Old)For Adview 9000 Old Model, Burgundy with Connector
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