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Item IDLocationDescriptionManufacturerUnit SizeQuantity
DRIT 00204
Main Warehouse Oint, Periguard Barrier 3.5ozPeriguard IS A Specially Formulated Antimicrobial Barrier Ointment With Zinc Oxide. USE TO Treat Diaper Rash, DRY Skin OR IN A Prevention Progrom. (Balmex) 3.5OZ 24ea/CSDermarite Industries LLC1
DRIT 00212
Main Warehouse Oint, Dermaseptin 4oz TubeDermaseptin Ointment is a Non-Prescription Skin Cream That Provides A Barrier to Prevent Irritation From Moisture and Promote Healing. 4OZ. 24ea/CSDermarite Industries LLC1
DRIT 00249
Main Warehouse Cleanser, Wound Dermaklenz 8oz 24ea/CA Contains Zinc, No Rinsing Required. 8OZ 24ea/CADermarite Industries LLC1
DRIT 00234
Main Warehouse Oint, Antifungal 3.75oz TubeDermafungal IS AN Antifungal Cream That Aids IN THE Treatment OF Athletes Foot, Ringworm, Jock Itch & Other Superficial Skin Infections. Forms A Moisture Barrier ON THE Skin. Stops Odor. 3.75oz (Dermafungal) 24ea/CSDermarite Industries LLC1
DRIT 00258
Main Warehouse Odor Elim Bye Bye Odor 8ozNeutralizes Offensive Odors Completely. Will Filter Into THE Room TO Attack Malodors AND Freshen THE AIR. NON Aerosol Formula. 7.5OZ 48ea/CSDermarite Industries LLC1
DRIT 00232
Main Warehouse Skin Protect, Lanoderm 4oz 24/CALanoderm Protects AND Helps Relieve Irritation From Chafed AND Abraded Skin DUE TO Incontinence OR Skin Irritations Resulting From Friction AND Rubbing. 4oztube 24ea/CSDermarite Industries LLC1
DRIT 00229
Main Warehouse Dres, Dermafilm 2x2Dermafilm IS A Hydrocolloid Protective Wound Dressing FOR Minor Abrasions, Closed Surgical Wounds, Superficial Pressure Ulcers, Skin Grafts, AND Donor Sites. X-THN 20ea/BXDermarite Industries LLC20
DRIT 00251
Main Warehouse Dres, Dermaview 4x5Dermaview IS A Moisture Vapor Permeable Transparent Dressing That Aids IN THE Prevention OF Bacterial Contamination. 50/BX 4BX/CSDermarite Industries LLC50
KNRC 76040418
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Main Warehouse Dres, RTD Foam 4"x4"x1/8" 10EA/bxSterile, Latex Free. (A6209)Dermarite Industries LLC1
DRIT 00247
Main Warehouse Gel, Dermasyn Hydrogel 3ozDermasyn IS A NON-Oily Hydrogel Wound Dressing Enriched With Vitamin E. Provides A Moist Wound Environment Essential FOR Tissue Cell Development. Assists IN Autolytic Debridement. 3oz tube 24ea/CS (A6248)Dermarite Industries LLC1
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